Nate “Shotgunn” Reed has been involved in rodeo for 20 years. He started as a bull rider in high school rodeo in Arizona then quickly moved to bullfighter. In 2009 while working a hang up, his leg was stepped on and crushed. The Dr. wanted to cut it off from the knee down but Nate got a second opinion and told the Dr. he wasn’t ready to sit in a rocking chair yet. 7 surgeries later, good ol’ lefty is still with him. That injury ended his bullfighting days but opened up a whole new world to Nate, barrel man! In 2010, Nate redirected his goals and desires to become a profession Rodeo Clown and Barrel Man. What a great journey this has been! Nate feels truly blessed to be able to travel all over the United States working PRCA rodeos and PBR events. “The wonderful people I am lucky to meet and become friends with and the smile and laughter I can bring to someone in the crowd is one of the reasons I enjoy my job”. Walking his barrel to the bull fighters during a wreck, Nate still gets the same rush and lump in his throat as he did when he was a bull fighter. When Nate hears a crowd erupt in laughter or cheering after something he said or did is a totally different feeling. Nate can honestly say “I love my job”.